Instant Drinks for Instant Energy and Active Life

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People go tired often. No matter it is going to be their simple household work, office work or outdoor work like, work at the construction site, which is really energy consuming, dehydration and loss of energy happen on its way. This emphasizes on the need to take electrolyte with some intervals or whenever you feel exhausted.

Although there are many energy drinks and beverages available at stores, they are mostly artificial flavored and not recommendable for health. If you are serious about maintaining a good health while gaining energy, then consider taking a natural energy drink, that not only boost you instant energy but also keep your health safe.

It was days ago, when our grandmother gives quickly made natural energy drinks at home. But today, most of us forget those drinks and also their health importance. But with awareness among people to avoid artificially flavored energy drinks, they are looking to find some best choices, which can be quickly made at home, without the need for expensive or rare ingredients.

You can make various instant electrolytes, using simple ingredients available at your home.

We know some people think of immediately eating chocolates or take glucose drinks, which they considered to be powerful and energize them quickly. But, are they really recommendable to their health.

Similarly, just think about diabetic patients and those who are overweight. They should never consume such energizing products, as they will only increase their complications.

With many elements to be taken into your consideration, the natural electrolytes serve to be the perfect choice for instant energy.

Making Your Own Electrolytes:

Any household will have ingredients like water, lemon, salt, honey, sugar, ginger, coconut and simple fruits like oranges, apple and others. Although these ingredients appear to be simple and easily available, they are also highly effective.

Here we are going to see some instant energizer that can be made at home:

Mixed fruit juice:


  • Take any fruits available in your refrigerator
  • Peal out the skin and clean it well
  • Mixer grinds well
  • Add natural sweetener
  • Note: Avoid artificial sugar

Papaya milkshake:

  • Cut a few pieces of papaya
  • Add required amount of milk to it
  • Beat well in the mixer grinder
  • You can also add dates to it to get sweet taste and more energy
  • There is no need for sweetener, however, if you prefer can add one or two teaspoons

Tomato coolant:

  • Take 3 or 4 big tomatoes
  • Take sugar or natural sweetener
  • You can add cardamom to flavor
  • Take a small piece of ginger
  • Take half cup of mint

Now mixers grind all these ingredients well, filter it and drink cool.

Mango- Curd drink

This may be something different to hear, but very energetic.

  • Take a few pieces of mango
  • Take one small cup of curd
  • Half tea spoon of cumin seeds
  • Add few mint leaves
  • Add salt to taste or sugar to taste
  • Mixer grind well and filter the juice to drink cool

Tender coconut juice

  • Take one tender coconut
  • Add ½ cup of pomegranate
  • Add palm sugar (Panang karkandu)
  • Mixer grinds well and takes it cool

Carrot – Pomegranate Drink

  • Take 2 carrots
  • Take ½ cup of pomegranate
  • Add honey to taste
  • Mixer grinds well and takes it for instant energy

Lemon and Mint leaves Drink

  • Take one lemon
  • Chop mint leaves
  • Mixer grinds well
  • Add required amount of water
  • Add palm sugar to taste

Cucumber – Curd Drink

  • Take one average size of cucumber
  • Take 1 cup of curd
  • You can also add a few mint leaves and small quantity of capsicum
  • Add salt to taste
  • Mixer grinds well and take it to energize you immediately

Nanari Root Drink

This is an other most effective energy drink.

  • Take ½ spoon of nannari root and juice from 1 lemon
  • Take palm sugar for taste
  • Beat well in the mixer grinder and drink fresh

All the above said energy drinks are absolutely easy to make and drink anytime you want. Undoubtedly, they can give you instant energy.

Here follow a few more effective homemade electrolytes:

Pomegranate Green Tea:

This is one of the wonderful tea options; you can choose to make for an instant health drink.

  • Simply take iced green tea
  • Mix with pomegranate juice


  • Simply brew a green tea bag in hot water
  • After a few minutes, remove the bag and add some pomegranate concentrate
  • Add honey to sweeten
  • You can drink this cool

This is the rich content of nutrients and antioxidants, which can boost your energy.

Green Juice

Instead of taking coffee in the morning, you can consider taking this green juice, which is really healthy. This serves to be the best alternative to your morning coffee. This green juice will oxygenate your blood and make your brain active and sharp.

  • Take cucumber, kale, parsley, celery, lemon and spinach
  • Add little ginger
  • Mixer grind
  • Add sugar or other natural sweeteners to taste if required

Banana Smoothie:

This is another highly energetic drink. It can keep you active throughout the day. Banana is rich in vitamins and minerals like phosphorus and potassium. It reduces tiredness and increases your physical endurance.

  • Take one banana
  • Add some milk to it
  • Mixer grind
  • Add sugar if you require

Apple Shake:

As everyone knows, “An apple for a day, keeps the doctor away”, this apple shake can energize you instantly. It will keep you healthy and active throughout the day. This homemade energy drink will become your favorite if you taste just once. This apple drink can relax your mind and body.

  • Take an apple, chop it into pieces for mixer grind
  • Add milk to it
  • Add sugar
  • Mixer grinds well and takes it cool

Barley Energy Drink:

The content of amino acid in barley will boost your energy level high. This drink will help you to stay hydrated. It can alleviate muscle pain

  • Add a few drops of honey and lemon juice, which can help to burn fat
  • Add ginger, which can give you instant relief from muscle pain

Honey Water:

This is very simple and easy to make. This drink is very effective too. It can burn body fat quickly while giving you instant energy. This homemade drink is an ideal option for dieters.

  • Simply add a few drops of honey in the warm water
  • Mix it well to drink
  • You can also add honey to soy milk to get more energy

Carrot Juice

Carrot is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It can increase your energy level quickly. Anyone can take carrot juice to energize. Carrot juice has the ability to cleanse toxins and systems. It can efficiently fight fatigue. This is also simple to make, by simply mixer grinding carrot and add sugar to it. You can also add milk or egg yolk if required.

Water / Herbal Water:

 Besides all the above-said energy drinks, one of the best and the universal electrolyte is WATER, which is easily available and the best solution too. Try to drink enough water periodically throughout the day to keep you hydrated. It can relieve you from fatigue, headache, and digestive disorders. It can improve your heart functions.

You can also energize water by adding a few ingredients to it, to take it throughout the day, as an alternative to plain water. To give you some tips;

  • Vettiveru (Chrysopogon Zizanioides)
  • Cumin seeds
  • pepper
  • Chitharathai
  • Nanari

How to make:

  • Take a small quantity of all ingredients specified above.
  • Tie all together as a small bag with white and clean cloth
  • Put it into the pot, in which you store water
  • You can replace the bag daily or on alternative days, to keep the water fresh and drinkable.

This herbal water is good for children and everyone in your home, as it can boost your immune system and keep you always healthy. To say, drinking this herbal water hot or lukewarm can be more effective, as it has the properties to prevent you from cold, cough, fever and other health ailments.

All the above said homemade electrolytes and energy drinks are best for all seasons. They especially work well to beat the heat during summer days. There is no doubt that these drinks can hydrate you and keep energized. Try to make any instant drink at home, instead of buying artificial beverages at shops.

Besides all, another best natural energizer and electrolyte will be tender coconut, which is available everywhere. This contains calcium and other essential minerals that can increase your bone density.

Never ignore the importance of all-natural and easy to make drinks at home, as they will not cause any side effects and best for all, no matter you are young or old and have any health problems or not like, diabetes and obese.


The remedies and tips given on this website are informational. However, it does not provide you any medical advice. We recommend you to consult your doctor or health care professional before following these treatments or tips.