Privacy Policy

Healthhints understands the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of information of our readers. We also respect the laws governing privacy of medical information, especially applicable to country and state, where this website is live.

We guarantee not using or sharing any of your personal information to third parties, unless it is authorized by you.  The confidentiality and privacy of your personal details like email address, name, contact numbers and others will never be shared or sold to third parties on any occasions. We use personal details only for our statistical analysis purpose and Healthhints services requested by you.

We recommend you to read our Privacy Policy to understand about how we use the data collected from you and how we secure your personal data confidentially.

We do not ask for your personal data, unless it is really needed. We will not store any of your personal information on our servers, unless we need it for any on-going operation of our website.

Our privacy policy is to mainly respect your personal privacy of any information you furnish with us. Like other websites, we also collect your non-personally identifying information such as, browser type, referring site, language preferences and date and time. The main purpose to collect this non-personally identifying information of the visitors is to understand better about how Healthhints’ visitors use our website. We also collect other information like IP Addresses of the logged in users and of those who leave comments on blogs.

The type and amount of information gathered by Healthhints will depend on the nature of interactions our visitors have with the website.

Healthhints may collect data and statistics to know about the visitors’ behavior to the website, which will help us to monitor most popular pages on the website and identify spam if any.

If you are registered with Healthhints and have provided your email address, then we may occasionally send email to keep you informed about the up-dates and new features of our services.

Healthhints takes the essential measures to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, use and destruction of the personally identifying information.

In order to support our website, we may use the third party advertisements, which may use cookies, web beacons and other technologies, for advertising their websites. However, you can also choose to select disable or turn off cookies in your browser settings. But this attempt may affect your interaction with our website and other websites. This may lead to inability to login to our services, like accounts or forums.

Although Healthhints may change the privacy policy from time to time, most of them are minor. However, we recommend our visitors to frequently check our privacy policy for any updates or changes in it.

We welcome you to use contact form, especially when you have any queries regarding our privacy policy. Our support desk executive will answer to all your queries instantly.