Top 10 Yoga Poses For Women’s Health

yoga poses

Are you tired from all days stress? Do you want a timeout, revitalize yourself, feel fresh and energetic after a long tiring hectic day? If your answer is affirmative then, it a must thing that you opt for yoga. Yoga is basically stretching your body and making it flexible so that women may wander away from the pains of her body in a demanding schedule. The best thing about yoga is that it is easy, simple and convenient, even a toddler can also perform it, without harming themselves and their tiny bodies.

Following are the best and top 10 poses of yoga, that are recommended for women.

1.  Child’s pose:

Child pose is just as similar to its name. In this pose of yoga, the body of women must kneel forward on the floor. Make sure that the big toes of women touch the floor, and knees must be an apart from hips. Now, sit n expand your hands above your head. Keep in mind that you must be in such a posture that your knees are touching your tummy. Open your palms and rest them straight on the floor. Take deep breathes whilst closed eyes. At the minimum stay in this posture for a minute. The posture aids in back pain as complete stretching is involved in it.

2. Downward-facing dog:

This posture again stretches your back muscles and glutes. Also, it aids in making the deltoids and triceps more sturdier. This type of posture is deemed to be the best for women. In this posture what you need to so is initiated from all fours, with the help of your knees. Place your hands approximately shoulder far wide. Open up the fingers of your hands really wide, in order to have a good grip. Then with the help of your hands, move upwards. Raise your knees from the floor and make your legs straight. When you achieve the above-mentioned position, try moving forward with the help of your hands. Now you will be a bit more bent. In short, lengthen the posture. Now make your thighs rigid enough. Alongside this, press your heels much on the floor. Lean your head and make sure you relax your neck muscles too. Inhale breathe deeply. Remain in this posture for a minute or two. Actually, this poses is deemed to be a pose which makes the upper torso strong of women. Also, when a woman remains in this pose, blood circulation increases, diminishing a couple of issues.

3. Warrior II:

This posture is again perceived to be the best one for women, as it pulls the thighs, hips, chest. In this pose nearly every part of the body is engaged, the shoulders, and stomach too.

Commence in this pose, whilst you are in a standing position. Gap your feet of 1 meter apart. Then turn your right foot in such a manner that the toes of your right foot are still pointing the front of the mat, whereas turning the left foot to just a 30-degree angle. After that, lift your hands to your shoulder length maintaining a good equilibrium, just parallel to the floor. Ascertain that the palms are facing the ground. Now bend the knee of your right leg so that a right angle is formed of your thigh and shin of your right leg. Now squeeze your stomach in and hold it in there. Count till 5 and keep on inhaling and exhaling. Now come to the normal position and repeat with the other leg. This posture of yoga guarantees that anyone who performs it gets the best-shaped legs and arms.

4. The plank pose:

This posture helps to make a women’s arm, back and shoulders strong. Come in a downward facing dog position and then put all the pressure on the palms of your hands. Make such a position that the chest and shoulders are just parallel to your wrists. For ease of understanding, get into a push-up posture. Stretch back your legs and make sure the legs are straight just like a plank. Bring your neck forward and stretch it. Maintain this position till a minute for least.

The fact is this type of posture may be a challenging one for you. But, believe over it has marvelous effects for women. The upper torso is engaged in this posture and all the muscles are busy in maintaining your body weight.

5. Fierce pose:

In this pose of yoga, women make sturdy their ankles and back. Step your feet with hip wide apart distance. Make a good base. Then raise your hands up in the sky. Make sure your palms are just adjacent to each other. You can also clasp your hand together. Now next thing is to go is bend your knees and sit on your hips. Just like you sit on a chair. Make sure your back is a bit curved and your abdomen is eliminated. Place all the weight of your body on to the heels of your feet. Also, make certain that your knees do not go far beyond your toes in positioning. Deeply breath, rest a bit and then repeat again. Through this pose of yoga, women can easily use all her thigh muscles strong and knees are also incorporated with this posture, making certain that the knees are less habitat to injuries and damage.

6. The tree pose:

Start with a standing position. Keep your legs and feet in a certain position, that they appear to be place your hands on hips. Gradually, budge all your weight to one leg, bending the other. Bend your knee of the leg the is weight free and put the sole of the leg bent on the leg which is carrying the weight. With a decreased pace, push the sole forward on to the leg which has all the body weight. Then, bring in both the palms together, just adjacent to your heart as if we pray. Maintain this position for a minute and the relax. Repeat with another leg.

7. Garland pose:

It basically stretches the lower back, groin, hips, and ankles.

With turned out toes slightly, again maintain a pose by bringing in your palms together just in front of your heart. Bend your knees to as much as you can. Maintain a squat position. With a less intensity, press your elbows to the inner side of your knees. Make sure to open up your hips. Let your spine be straight as possible and chest too wide open and stretched. Stretch too much extent that you feel pain in your back muscles. Hold in the state for a minute or two. This pose os deemed to be the best in releasing tummy problems.

8. Boat pose:

In this pose, sit in such a way that the knees are bent and the feet of the women are even and leveled over the  ground. Get back to a bit in order to equalize on your sit bones. Also, lift your legs in such a way that your shins are just parallel to the floor. Do not raise your knees. Make sure they are still bent. Expand your arms in such a way that they are straight and lying over the ground. Palms must face each other. Incorporate your chest and core. Make your legs straight. Deep breathily. Hold this position for a while.

9.Bridge pose:

Lie down on your back, fold your knees and keep the soles of your feet even on the ground again a hip-wide distance apart. The toes must point in a straight direction and that too in front of  you and situate the arms straight alongside you.

Now, lift your hips to the sky and permit you front torso to gradually grow with each breath you take.

10. Half lord of the fishes:

What a name this posture has. But, it does not count until it is helpful. It supports and makes your, shoulders, back, neck and spine strong. Sit down on the ground and make sure that the legs of your are widely stretched out just adjacent to you. outstretched in front of you. Bring the right sole out of the left hip. Likewise, do vice versa. Put right hand just beside right hip. Raise the left arm to the sky and breath finely. As you breathe out, fold the left arm and situate left elbow to the outside of right knee. Straighten your knee with each inhales and twists further with every breath. Press the left elbow in your right leg to aid to revolve the upper torso of yours too much extent. Relax and repeat.