Remove Weight causing Toxins in few days – Effective Tips

remove toxins

Is there anything to guarantee that the food we eat every day is free from toxins?

Certainly no!

There is nothing to guarantee that the vegetables, fruits and other foods we eat are absolutely filled with chemicals from herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides to air, water pollution, arsenic, mercury and other metals in the food. These particles will enter our body causing everyone unhealthy with dangerous health consequences. If you really struggle to lead a healthy lifestyle, then escaping from such chemicalized foods is very important. But is that always possible?

Again the answer would be no.

In this modern society, people are exposed to various toxins. The unnatural substances invade our bodies, which results in enormous health impacts. The current unhealthy living conditions may completely affect our lifestyle. However, we need to think about the corrective measures immediately to get back your wonderful life gifted by God.

Causes of Toxic Colon: 

When the colon gets affected with toxins due to wastes from the digestive system, it may not function properly. This leads to low activity. Some of the causes of toxic colon are:

  • Bad food habit
  • Poor diet
  • Reduced intake of water
  • Change in lifestyle
  • Drug intake
  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise

Symptoms of toxic colon: 

Although our body can handle some amount of toxin in a day, if you tend to consume too much of toxic meals continually in a day, then it may lead to some health problems, which you can identify through the symptoms like:

  • Dark yellow urine, as urine, will be clear if you are healthy
  • Constipation and improper bowel movement
  • Bad body odor
  • Breath may smell like food you had for your dinner last night once you wake up in the morning
  • Symptoms on skin like acne, itching, pimples, rashes, poor skin condition
  • You may feel tired and sick
  • Pain around joints
  • Feel cold in hands and feet
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, gastritis, cold sweat, nausea, fever and even runny nose

Fasting – the Best way to Detox: 

We would have seen our elders and parents fasting often on some special days, especially across India. Although many people think this to be a superstitious belief, fasting still brings some great benefits to your health. By fasting, your body gets a long break from food, which will help the colon to get time to cleanse and heal old wounds if any inside. Fasting can remove built-up toxins in the body for years. 

Types of Fasting: 

Fasting can be classified into various types and here follows a few:

  • Water fasting: This is the type where you consume only water throughout the day or for some extended period of time. This is one of the powerful ways of fasting and removes toxins from the body through natural cleansing process
  • Juice Fasting: In this type, you tend to consume only fruit and vegetable juices. Unlike water fasting, juice fasting can help gain some calories and keep you energized while cleansing the colon.
  • Mono Fasting:This is the type in which you consume only 1 type of fruit. This will give the digestive system a huge break from food.
  • Fasting with one meal:Some people tend to take only one meal a day in the afternoon while skipping their breakfast and dinner. Some people will take only milk and light fruits like banana in the morning and night, while skipping their three main meals

Detox – Measures to reduce Toxins in the Body 

One of the best ways to remove toxins is detox. This process can effectively lessen the internal toxin levels. However, to get effectiveness, it should be followed regularly or on a seasonal basis.

Here follow some of the best detox ideas to reduce toxins in your body:

  • Include a lot of deep colored herbs, vegetables, and algae in your diet, as they can effectively purify blood and help the body to get rid of toxins and wastes
  • Fasting with lemon water is an other effective method to cleanse your digestive system
  • Eat diet with high water content, green leafy vegetables, fruits, and juices
  • Sweating is very important to detoxify your body, therefore, try to do cardio exercises as much as possible every day
  • Get enough sleep, this is very important for all the organs to function properly and cleanse the body

Effective Home Remedies to Cleanse Colon 

Here follow some of the effective home remedies to cleanse colon and detoxify your body:

  • Lemon juice 

Lemon has all properties to not only cleanse your body but also offer other health benefits. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and it is a powerful source of antioxidants. It is an ideal choice for cleansing colon and digestive system. Try to take lemon juice with honey in lukewarm water in empty stomach every morning

  • Curd / Yogurt

Rich in antibacterial properties, curd can provide the body pro-biotic and good bacteria that every human needs. It is also a rich source of calcium. It can solve all problems related to stomach like irregular bowel movements, flatulence, indigestion and other problems

  • Apple Juice 

Fresh apple juice has the properties to cleanse colon. Taking apple juice regularly can also bring you other health benefits. It helps to improve liver functions, removes toxins. But try to avoid taking solid foods immediately after drinking apple juice, especially when you want to cleanse colon.

  • Fiber rich food 

Try to take food rich in fiber, which can help to quickly cleanse colon and remove toxins. Fiber can help better bowel movements. Try to take vegetables and fruits like, broccoli, apples, nuts, peas, seeds, oats, flax seeds, cereals, whole grains, raspberries and much more.

  • Drink water

Drinking plenty of water is an other best remedy. Water can flush out harmful toxins and other wastes in the body in a natural way. Try to drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. Drinking warm water with lemon juice in it early in the morning in empty stomach can prove to be effective to remove toxins

  • Sea Salt

This will be an other effective ingredient to cleanse colon. It helps to improve bowel moment and remove harmful toxins in the colon. It can also remove parasites, regular feces, bacteria from digestive system. However, do not take too much of sea salt, as it may result in diarrhea. You can take a tsp of sea salt in warm water and drink it.

  • Ginger 

With ample health benefits, ginger is wieldy used in all Indian foods. Ginger can remove all harmful toxins from the body. It can help reduce bloating of stomach and improve digestion. Taking one tsp of ginger juice with lemon juice in warm water every morning can bring you many great health benefits along with flushing out toxins from the body. You can also add ginger to green tea and juices.

  • Aloe Vera 

This is an other effective herb to cleanse colon. It also helps in treating skin problem, diarrhea, headache and constipation. Simply extract aloe vera gel from the leaf and add lemon juice to it. Mix well to get juice and drink.

  • Garlic 

Next to ginger, this is an other effective ingredient to cleanse your colon. It will filter toxic residues from your digestive system. It stimulates liver to produce detoxifying enzymes.

  • Grapefruit

This is an other effective fruit to help remove toxins from the body. It improves metabolism. It can bring the entire digestive system into good functioning while removing the toxins. It helps break down fat and reduce appetite.

  • Hibiscus tea

This will be a healthy and effective ingredient to cleanse colon. It can regulate water and electrolytes while balancing them to help the body function well.

  • Turmeric 

With antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric helps liver, kidney, digestive system and other organs function well. It can reduce bile duct blockage by interfering with the chemical reactions in the inflammatory process.

Asparagus, beetroot, sweet potatoes, mustard, spinach, banana, tomatoes, kiwi, cold potatoes, almonds, oats, blackberries, sunflower seeds are some of the effective fruits and vegetables that help in effective cleansing of colon and detoxify your body.

Besides all the above said remedies to detoxify your body, you should also follow other measures. This will help to not only remove toxins, but also improve your overall health. Try to take light foods that are easy to digest. Avoid eating heavy foods like chicken and other spicy foods in the night. Drink a lot of water and do maximum physical work, which can help you sweat and remove toxins. Try to take your meals right on time. It is also equally important to not skip your breakfast.